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Soldier (1998) IMDB 5.80(30 488) Full Movie Download

original title: Soldier
rating: 5.80(30 488)
The United States, great Britain
fiction, Thriller, drama
Director: Paul W. With. Anderson. starring: Kurt Russell, Jason Scott Lee, Jason Isaacs, Connie Nielsen, Sean Pertui, …
running time: , 99 min.
release date: 1998


…Soldiers taken to the army almost from the cradle. The child enters the school of the military, where no parents and any allowances for the childhood of the human material prepare professional soldiers. One of the soldiers becomes Todd.Do 40 odd years provoeva” he became the best in his troop. When his spaceship sent beginners, which in all respects should exceed veterans headed by a Colonel, a graduate of West point, the last vomit three veterans with a new fighter, the old men lost. They were thrown into the dustbin of the distant planet of Arcadia, but Todd had survived. It came out local settlers, whose ship many years ago did on this planet forced landing, Todd stayed among nih. his soul was not only fear and discipline, as he said sweet beautiful woman, opened it, and kindness. When the Colonel landed on the planet of new soldiers, to test them in an operation to destroy the inhabitants of the colony, Todd proved that experience, combined with the human factor cost much more than the genetic superiority and strong muscles.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 82.5% (23) Calm94 – 03.04.2012 The last soldier A wonderful movie by Paul Anderson, the bright representative I loved the era of cinema of the 80s-90s, one of the last of its representatives!

On the one hand somewhere in the depths of the soul feeling that just looked ordinary, unremarkable kintso, and on the other, persistent belief that I have been cheated. And this feeling comes from the fact that shown in the film seems a little piece of, clipping, a fragment of something much bigger, something that Paul Anderson,… read all the ‘ViHavok – 10.10.2011 Soldiers are crying too In my humble opinion, ‘Soldiers’ are the best creation by Paul Anderson, but, unfortunately, underestimated. Anderson, as a rule, today is associated with the spectators with kinofranshizoy ‘resident evil’, which is a pity. For me this Director in the first place that the man who gave us the unforgettable story of a soldier Todd (in pursuance of Kurt Russell)… read all the ‘Maxim Black – 09.10.2011 Probably many possessed by the idea, what will be the specialists, if their life to lead from the cradle. However, we are concerned with the possibility of the creation of a Superman.

What is a ‘Soldier’? In the first place, tranquillity and neistrebimogo Kurt Russell, but already then tightly tailored boevichok with some of the familiar elements of science-fiction (indecent big machines, wonderful weather, finally, place of action – abandoned desert planet)… read more \’ tyht – 06.12.2008 You just don’t get.. Seeking Yes obryaschut.

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